International Buyers

 The stability of foreign investments in U.S. properties combined with gorgeous weather and International flavor, make Florida the number one choice for many Foreign Investors.

Viewpoint Commercial Realty has considerable experience working with individuals from many countries as they make plans to immigrate to our country. Working with Foreign Investors has become a major part of our real estate business.

We collaborate with local Immigration Attorneys who possess an in-depth knowledge of the Immigration process and can recommend which of the following Visas will be the most appropriate for you to meet your objective of purchasing a Hotel or Motel in Florida.

Different types of Visas: Green Card, Entrepreneurial Program, Regional Center, Temporary Nonimmigrant Visas, Tourist/Business Visitor (B-1/B-2), Treaty Trader/Investor (E-1/E-2), Educational/Training Visas (H-2A /H-2B), etc.

The Attorney will take you through the entire process.